Primed panelling

Protecting timber panelling from exposure to the weather and wind at an early stage will extend its service life. A simple and cost-effective way is to use primed panelling.

Advantages of industrial priming
The industrial priming of panelling has a number of advantages.
Derome's timber panelling is primed in premises with careful atmospheric controls, such as moisture levels, temperature and application quantities. A 60 µm thick layer of dry film is applied to the sawn surface, which is thicker than what you would be able to apply with a regular brush. Our primer is a white, waterbased acrylic and provides just as much protection as an oil-based paint. This primer is also a good alternative from an environmental perspective, as the paint has a minimal impact on nature. Prior to painting, exposed end grain is treated with a primer oil to give the sensitive areas a little extra protection.

Industrial primed timber panelling

  • Thickness 60 µm - weather protection for next season
  • Produced in accordance with requirements from SP
  • To be used according to the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning's Building regulations BBR 6:4
  • Uniform and good quality
  • Cost effective

A comprehensive range

Derome's range of primed panelling includes approximately 80 items. The range includes finely sawn cladding boards with grooved edging in widths of 45-195 mm, as well as panelling and battens with different seaming and profiles. Our products are dry stored with other timber products at the Derome Timber´s central warehouse. Maintaining a wide range in stock is the key to fast and cost-effective deliveries. In addition to primed panelling, which is part of our basic range, we can also offer undercoated panelling and panelling painted with distemper. These are in our custom products range, as well as acrylic undercoated panelling in colours other than white.