Tongue and groove roofing panel

As the first company in Sweden to launch a tongue and groove roofing panel that is type approved for strength grade C14, we can offer a variety of products. All our tongue and groove panel is made from finger-jointed tongue and groove boards and is sold under the brand Derome Roofing Panel. The range includes the STANDARD, the PROTECT and the TAKFOT roofing panels which are all groove planed. The PROTECT roofing panel is treated with a mould-deterrent, “Grön-Fri”, to protect the panel during the construction of a building. The TAKFOT is a primed product primarily suited to be used at the eaves.

The roofing panel will protect your building for many years. Tongue and groove, in combination with other sealing coatings, provide a constant and safe climat protection than most other alternatives. Tongue and groove roofing panels save time and money during assembly compared to loose tongue and groove boards.

In addition to standard tongue and groove roofing panels, primed tongue and groove panels (the TAKFOT Derome roofing panel) and panels machine treated with a mould deterrent (the PROTECT Derome roofing panel) are included in Derome's standard range.

The PROTECT Derome roofing panel is a good alternative to untreated tongue and groove roofing panels in cases where the products are exposed to external environmental elements in the form of moisture and wind during construction. The TAKFOT Derome roofing panel is made from boards that are sorted according to type AB, which means that it meets the requirements for “visible underside of roof protection”. The roofing panel is primed with a thick, white, water-based acrylic paint, which provides a good basic protection until your next painting season.