About Us

We market timber products from our sawmills under the name of Derome Timber. Every sawmill has its own specialisation within the range and offers high-quality, costeffective timber products.

The business is built on a long history of industry knowledge and a high level of service. Derome Timber can also provide FSC® and PEFC™ certified timber. In Sweden, our clients include builders' merchants, DIY stores, house and roof truss manufacturers as well as the pallet and general timber industry. Around half of our timber products go for export. Some of what we produce is used inhouse in the manufacture of packaging, and, at two of our facilities, by-products from the sawmills are made into e.g. fuel pellets and pellets for animal bedding. 

With technology at the forefront

The sawmill sector is the most investment-intensive part of Derome's business, and we have made some major investments that will streamline the sawmills in a number of ways. This includes things like shorter lead times in the sorting and planing facilities and an increase in yield per log. We are well equipped for the increasingly competitive nature of the timber industry and are therefore a long-term, reliable supplier of timber products.


  • Sawmill production stands at 600,000 cubic metres per year
  • Planing capacity is 600,000 cubic metres a year
  • Pressure-treatment capacity is 280,000 cubic metres a year
  • Timber can be cut to measure directly in the planing line
  • Environmental certification to ISO 14001 - Download certificate
  • FSC® and PEFC™ traceability certification