Derome acquires family-owned sawmill in Ullared

With the Group's acquisition of its fifth sawmill, Derome has now further reinforced its position within the Swedish sawmill industry. The latest acquisition is the Maa Såg family business, based in Mjöshult in the municipality of Falkenberg, and on 1 August the blue signboards will be replaced by new ones in Derome green.

Just like the Derome Group, Maa Såg is a family business and is currently run by the second generation of owners.

"We are similar in so many ways, which is one of the reasons we have hit it off together," says Gunnar Jakobsson, CEO of Derome Timber. "A down-to-earth, friendly and committed approach typifies both the facility itself and customer relationships, and this is an important ingredient for us."

The timber that arrives at the Maa Sågverk sawmill comes from forest owners within a few miles' radius of Ullared, and the mill's local presence has always been an important feature of their business. The facility currently employs around 20 people, and the production line and its workforce will be retained going forward.

"We are the ones handing over the company, and it is important for us that we can be sure that the sawmill will continue in operation," says Anneli Andelén, MD of Maa Såg. "Derome is run with the same personal commitment that we have always shown, and we are therefore particularly happy that Derome is the company which will now take over the facility."

Timber products for the Netherlands

The new sawmill will be dedicated to the production of sawn spruce, and the acquisition reinforces Derome's position on the Dutch market, as this is home to many of the mill's current customers.

"Maa Såg has a strong brand in the Netherlands, and this acquisition means we can further enhance our position on the Dutch market. In addition, we will be able to achieve a better timber flow between our facilities, resulting in reduced transport requirements and less environmental impact," adds Gunnar Jakobsson.

The sawmill produces 60,000 cubic metres of sawn timber products each year. The acquisition means that Derome will now enjoy even greater scope as a supplier of sawn timber products, both in Sweden and abroad.

Contact person

Gunnar Jakobsson | CEO Derome Timber

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