The inauguration of Derome's new planing machine means the future is secure

The timber for many of Sweden's balconies and roof terraces is sawn and planed in Anneberg, on the outskirts of Kungsbacka. Derome can now carry out this operation with even greater efficiency, as Saturday saw the inauguration of the new planing machine – putting the company's planing technology 50 years ahead.

"This has been a big day for us," says Krister Edvinsson, Site Manager at Derome Timber in Anneberg. "The upgrade gives us great potential to increase production and log yield, as well as allowing us to supply products with a better finish."

The investment in the new Ledinek planing machine signifies a 50-year leap forward in updating their machine plant, making the Anneberg sawmill one of the most modern planing facilities in Sweden. At the same time, the work environment is vastly improved, with less noise and dust being generated within the premises.

"From a situation where we carried the cutters and had to manually bolt them in place during tool changes, all we now need to do is press a few buttons and we can adjust the entire production process," says Krister Edvinsson. "We can now focus on the actual members of staff and make the most of each person's expertise. I think this will make us a more attractive employer, as well as allowing us to produce more and of a higher quality and reduce our use of resources."

Inauguration on the occasion of "A-hus day"

On the day of the inauguration, 1,500 people visited the facility, both to witness Member of Parliament Emma Hult (Green Party) perform the symbolic plane strokes and to celebrate "A-hus day", organised by one of Derome Timber's affiliated companies. During the inauguration, a traditional old-fashioned carpentry plane was given pride of place on the podium. After a short address, whose main message was that we must all work to promote greater use of wood, the new planing machine was declared inaugurated.

"I feel really proud to be among the staff here today," said Emma Hult. "With wood we build the future, and digital developments bring further potential for increasing our use of wood. The construction sector is a long way behind, but here at Derome digitalisation is a natural part of the way you work, and that means the future is already here."

Emma Hult also emphasised the importance of greater awareness within policy-making, if more timber houses are to be built throughout the country. By way of example, she cited the setting of higher targets for the percentage of timber houses per municipality, which will clearly induce more municipalities to opt for house construction from timber rather than other materials.

"Within our policy-making we need to highlight those companies that are working for the future. And Derome is one of these companies," concluded Emma Hult.

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Krister Edvinsson | Site Manager at Derome Timber in Anneberg

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