Derome's own paint facility is due to come into service

Last spring Derome began investing in its own paint facility, and this is shortly due to come into service. The paint line means that Derome Timber can increase capacity and reduce transport requirements for painted cladding.

Over the last ten years, the demand for painted cladding has risen tenfold, and this is why Derome Timber has decided to invest in a paint line of its very own. Right now, trial operation is underway on a step-by-step basis in various parts of the new facility.

"The paint line very much reflects our operation as a whole. We are constantly looking to improve and demonstrate to our customers that we care for the environment, but we also aim to be the obvious choice for all our customers when it comes to painted cladding as well," explains Emil Edgren, Site Manager at Derome Timber in Derome. "Now we are adding a further wood processing stage to our operation."

Big capacity

September sees the start of trial operation with boards and paint. The paint line will be able to handle up to 35 boards a minute and will produce painted cladding to individual customer requirements. The products will be produced in accordance with the Swedish CMP (Certified Painted Cladding) system, which guarantees the quality of the raw timber material, the surface treatment and the finished product. Derome's own paint line will make the matching of colour shades for both primed and undercoated cladding panels easier than before.

"This industrial paint line give us excellent control of the production process, and we are achieving better results," reports Elias Brag, Project Manager. We reduce any potential risk of damage, and our products' lifetime is extended because the cladding is already painted when it arrives at the building site.

Automatic scanning

The paint line must be able to produce large volumes for stockholding, as well as short runs to customer order. Via RFID labelling, the paint line knows how the cladding boards are to be painted and the label acts as an order number which is automatically scanned during production. A fully automated stretch wrap machine has also been installed, so that the product packaging process is as automatic as it can be.

"We view continuous improvement as an important part of our operation. The new paint line helps us satisfy customer needs and demand in general," concludes Elias Brag.

Contact person

Elias Brag | Project manager at Derome Timber

elias.brag@derome.se | +46 (0)300-56 23 18