Roof boards

Stable and safe environmental protection.

Derome was the first manufacturer in Sweden to offer customers a roof board (tongue and groove board) which is type-approved by RISE* for strength grade C14. The roof board is marketed as the Derome Roof Board.

Roof boards for all weathers

The Derome Roof Board is available in five versions. STANDARD: can be ordered in untreated, primed and undercoated variants. TIMBER-PRESERVER TREATED: treated with Grön-Fri on the grooved side to minimise the risk of microbial growth during the construction period. EAVES BOARD: a primed variant made from extra fine board of G4-2 grade. The paint used for priming is Tikkurila Pinja Protect S.

All roof boards are type-approved for C14

Our roof boards are type-approved for C14 (∫mk=14 MPa), thereby easily meeting the strength requirements demanded by the industry. The lowest strength values described in current standards are for strength grade C14 (∫mk=14 MPa). When designers do not specify a strength grade they generally assume the lowest values. This means you can feel confident in using the type-approved Derome Roof Board. For choice of thickness of the Derome Roof Board, eaves overhang and a stability calculation, consult the designer of the building.

Tongue and groove board

The roof has to protect your building for many years. Tongue and groove board, in combination with a second sealing layer, provides environmental protection that is more stable and reliable than most other alternatives. Roof boards (tongue and groove hatches) save time and money during assembly compared to loose tongue and groove boards.

Primed and undercoated roof boards

Painted with one of the market's leading paints, Tikkurila Pinja Protect S. Painting is performed in accordance with the paint manufacturer's instructions. A painted roof board provides greater protection for the product and saves more time on the construction site. The primed hatch is given one coat of the paint system above, while the undercoated product is given two coats.

The Derome Roof Board - A product that is inspected during manufacture

A product that is approved and inspected during manufacture meets the requirements specified in applicable Swedish laws and regulations. Type approval means that the product's characteristics have been verified via tests at a competent test body or on the basis of calculations. The manufacturing process has been subject to inspection for the purposes of quality assurance. Inspection means that the manufacturer has systematised and documented the manufacturing process, thereby resulting in fewer defects and lower costs.

*RISE = Research Institutes of Sweden